• £ 7.99



    Mairi Morrison & Alasdair Roberts

  • £ 8.99



    Willie Campbell

    Willie Campbell’s first Gaelic album, ‘Dalma’, is the result of a unique collaborative mentoring process between Campbell and his language and music mentor Calum Martin. ‘Dalma’ is the first album to be released on the Ceòl ‘s Craic label.


  • £ 10.00


    Le Mùirn

    Faram Publications, 2016. 100 pages.

    Murdo MacFarlane and Margaret MacLeod: A Tale of Friendship

    This book is a celebration of the special friendship and creative partnership of the renowned Gaelic poet, Murdo MacFarlane, and the equally renowned Gaelic singer, Margaret MacLeod, a friendship and a partnership which had a huge influence on modern Gaelic music.

    The book is available for purchase online from The Gaelic Books Council.

    ‘Le Muirn’ Review by Roger Hutchinson






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