OCAIDICH! / Improvise!

11 November 2017, CCA


An innovative collaboration between Ceòl ’s Craic and Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, OCAIDICH! / Improvise! presents a rare combination of artists to produce an atmospheric evening exploring new juxtapositions to Gaelic song.
Songs exploring mystery, transformation and implicit/explicit relationships have inspired specially commissioned poems by Peter Mackay, which will form the basis for an improvised response through live music and art.

Christine Primrose is an award-winning singer with an international reputation as a leading proponent of Gaelic culture, who chose the Gaelic songs at the heart of the event.

Martin Green is well known as part of innovative folk trio Lau and increasingly recognised for his solo work in experimental electronic compositions.

Peter Mackay is a poet, academic, writer and broadcaster whose work is strongly influenced by his Hebridean ancestry.

Lorraine Wilson is a singer who embraces contemporary and traditional influences, guided by her Mingulay heritage.

Cath Keay & Simon Ortega are visual artists who will provide spontaneous back-projected artworks in response to the live performance.

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra is an ensemble of musicians from diverse musical backgrounds including free improvisation, jazz, classical, folk, pop and experimental music.


7.45pm till late

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