09 March 2019, CCA Theatre


Gaelictronica has evolved into one of our most popular and most experimental events. Indeed the term ‘Gaelictronica’ is becoming widely adopted to describe traditional Gaelic / electronic crossover music.

Alistair MacDonald is a widely respected composer and performer in the genres of jazz, traditional, classical and contemporary music. For this event he was joined by Gaelic singer Mairi McGillivray. A recurring element throughout the performance was Alistair’s use of his own field recordings featuring birdsong and the sounds of flowing glacial water. His mesmerising electronic soundscapes provided the perfect accompaniment to Mairi’s ethereal vocals.

Icelandic singer songwriter Benni Hemm Hemm made a welcome return to Ceòl ‘s Craic to present a specially composed song cycle featuring voice, guitar, percussion, brass section and electronic drones. Benni was joined on vocals by English / Finnish artist and musician Hanna Tuulikki and renowned performer and folklorist Alasdair Roberts. 

Our third act was the trio of Josie Duncan, Hamish Macleod and Signy Jakobsdottir. Josie and Hamish play with electronic traditional fusion band Inyal. Signy is constantly in demand as a session percussionist. The trio combined to create atmospheric, ambient backings to Josie’s vocals with Signy’s unique percussion style providing an organic acoustic counterpoint to Hamish and Josie’s hypnotic synth patterns.

Photos: Kris Kesiak






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