Gaels le Chéile @ Celtic Connections

26 January 2019, CCA

Ceòl ‘s Craic joined forces with Gaels le Chèile and Celtic Connections to present our annual celebration of the shared Gaelic culture of Scotland and Ireland.

 DLÙ, a young Alt-Fusion band from Glasgow, brought a diverse range of musical influences to their repertoire. The audience was treated to a unique blend of traditional Scottish tunes merged with overtones of rock, classical. jazz and funk. The band’s precocious musical abilities were matched by their dynamic and inventive arrangements.

For this performance they arranged two songs with special guests – one with Joseph McCluskey, an old friend of the band from their time as pupils at Glasgow’s Gaelic School, performing a lively puirt a beul (which Joseph described as ‘Gaelic rap’); the other with Ceòl ’s Craic’s special guest vocalist Anne Martin performing a haunting version of ‘Oran Leannan Sithe’.


ÁRCHÚ, a collaboration of singer/guitarist, piper/vocalist, bouzouki and keyboard players, were brought together by a love of experimentation and a desire to take ancient texts and perform them to a background of post-rock and electro-acoustic sounds. Elements of traditional Irish music and sean-nós singing were apparent in the band’s material but were combined with an innovative blend of rock and electronic sounds.

Ireland’s rich heritage of Gaeilge poetry is also a huge influence on the band’s material. In 2018 they recruited Gaelic vocalist Anne Martin from the Isle of Skye to collaborate on a number of new pieces combining elements of Scottish and Irish Gaelic song. Gaels le Chéile provided the band with the opportunity to premiere this new material to a Scottish audience in an excellent evening of contemporary Celtic music.

Gaelic Awards 2018 Winner Signature AW

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